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Vivere Sani, Vivere Bene was the first program, set up by ZoƩ to offer the city of Vicenza an opportunity to reflect on issues closely linked to health and prevention using a multidisciplinary approach, which over the years has involved scientists, philosophers and artists of national and international importance.

A full program of events dedicated to exploring a specific topic (Breath, Relationships, Mind), which changed every three years, within the more general framework of health communication. During the 11 editions there have been over 230 events: 356 speakers have talked to an audience of more than 80,000 people.

Through philosophy, art, medicine, psychology, economics, politics, but also music, design, theatre and sport, a journey of reflection towards a proposal of behaviours and lifestyle choices that can help improve awareness of the concept of health, maintain our everyday well-being and deal with illness.